"Watch Dogs Legion" offers a wide selection of exciting characters, and one of them is the Hitman Operative John Wick. for players looking for ways on how to unlock John Wick in the game, here are some of the tips and tricks they could use.

How To Unlock John Wick in "Watch Dogs Legion"

Before unlocking John Wick in "Watch Dogs Legion," players must go to the Nine Elms first. It is in the borough on the southwest part at the bottommost part of the map. While the area is small on the map, players need to complete three side missions before taking on the special operative to allow them access to the hitman operative John Wick.

These three side missions include neutralizing a VIP, taking photographic evidence and Sabotage. These missions are easy to finish, especially if players have a cargo drone. When they are finished, the Nine Elms will be restored and the Albion presence removed. The Hitman operative character is now available.

Players will immediately enter a cutscene with Ellen, and they will change into their new Hitman operative. There is a great chance, however, that the character could be either gender, and players have no way of knowing until they change. Both genders are inspired by John Wick, and though they may not look like Keanu Reeves in person, they have his spirit inside them.

When this is complete, "Watch Dogs Legion" will congratulate players and would be allowed to use the Hitman operative. Aside from being a hitman, the new character happens also to be a great hacker.

Hitman Abilities

"Watch Dogs Legion" players with John Wick operative get three abilities. This includes Guntaka, which executes instant gun takedown even on aware opponents. Another is the Albion Vendetta, which deals with increased damage against Albion personnel. The other ability is the Combat Roll, which allows players to execute a combat roll by double-tapping the A/X. It also enables weapons' auto-reload.

Weapons Available

The Hitman operative John Wick in "Watch Dogs Legion" have two weapons. One is the G36, which is an auto rifle that features low recoil and high accuracy. Another is the Desert Eagle, which is a semi-auto pistol that features high recoil and high damage.

"Watch Dogs Legion" allows players to play an almost endless variety of characters. Each character in the game has their own unique set of occupations, weapons, personalities, and gadgets. Some characters are professional hackers, while some have useful careers.

"Watch Dogs Legion" is now available on various gaming platforms. It is playable on PC, PlayStation 4, Stadia, and Xbox One. The game also launched on PS5 and Xbox Series X and S last November.