The bullying accusations involving Jo Byeong-kyu, also known as Jo Byung Gyu, hasn't died down and on Feb 22, the actor posted, then deleted, an Instagram story where he said that his side will come out "no matter what."

Jo's post received different reactions from the netizens before it was removed two hours later. Some fans accused the actor of "using underhanded tactics" to defend himself from the accusations, while others think he is done paying off his victims.

The latest in The Uncanny Counter star's controversial bullying issue comes after production of his upcoming variety show, Come Back Home, had to shut down on Feb. 20. KBS, however, issued a statement saying that the halt in production is not related to the accusations against their star. The studio said that they are planning to change the name of the show hence they had to push back filming.

While no new date of production has been revealed, the variety series is expected to launch in mid-2021. It will also star Yoo Jae Suk but some fans think they need to remove Jo from the line-up because his presence might hurt viewership.

To be clear, however, Jo's agency, HB Entertainment, has had their talent's back since the scandal sparked. In a statement, HB Entertainment denounced the malicious comments and defamation against their artist.

They have filed criminal complaints against the individual who has been spreading false information about Jo. HB Entertainment also said that the source of the rumors has admitted to making up the story, which has since been deleted.

The accuser claimed that he and Jo were classmates at a New Zealand school, where they have been studying English. The person said that the actor tried to pick a fight with him for no reason at all.

The person also claimed that "two Korean kids with bad vibes" instigated something that led to 30 people cursing at him. He said he reported the incident to the Korean International Student Office and he and Jo were asked to explain their side of the story.

The "victim" went on to say that he wasn't physically abused but Jo had been rude and verbally abusive to him. He asked for a public apology.

However, after his admission of spreading false stories about Jo, another netizen posted about being a victim of the star's bullying in the same New Zealand school. He said that he was ready to face a legal battle with HB Entertainment. However, the post was debunked by another netizen who said that those posting about Jo negatively are simply jealous of his popularity.