Days have passed since Dispatch dropped the biggest dating rumor yet of 2021. On Wednesday, the outlet laid out all the receipts, seemingly proving that Jennie of BLACKPINK and G-Dragon of BIGBANG are dating for over a year now.

Since the news' emergence, fans across the globe continue to share their thoughts on various social media platforms. Many have even tried to look for more information to see whether the rumors are true.

While the reported pair has yet to confirm nor deny the assertions, several fans and supporters are already celebrating the couple. Avid shippers, later on, speculated that the rumors are not fabricated because they believe GD was on the set of one of BLACKPINK's music video filming.

Koreaboo reported that several netizens revisited the "behind the scenes" clip of "Lovesick Girls." BLACKPINK premiered the track last October, and it likely means that they worked on it earlier this year.

Upon seeing the recorded filming and shooting of the music video, fans and viewers are convinced that G-Dragon was the mystery man behind Jennie. The unidentified individual in the video was seen sitting on a couch while the group's vocalist was in front of him, preparing for her solo shots.

As explained, the mystery man was wearing a noticeable black cap. Netizens insisted that this head accessory appears to be quite similar to what G-Dragon received from the Infinity Challenge.

As the public would recall, GD, Taeyang, and Kwanghee obtained a "specially-made" baseball cap for the 88-liners during the segment. The BIGBANG head is, reportedly, known to wear this specific cap most of the time.

It remains unclear, though, whether G-Dragon was, indeed, the person behind the BLACKPINK member. Similarly, no one knows, as well, whether the dating rumors are true.

Despite the lack of confirmation, fans and shippers continue to increase the hype around the rumored couple. They have even received the branding of today's "power couple" inside and outside the world of South Korean entertainment.

Vogue released a report about the matter, explaining why the public has been very immersed in the unconfirmed dating stories. As noted, it appears that many people today are "crying out for a new 'It-couple," and G-Dragon and Jennie might fill the so-called vacancy. Moreover, Chanel might even take interest in the alleged relationship, considering that both K-Pop idols are popular ambassadors and patrons of the fashion brand since 2014 and 2017, respectively.