Fans are about to see the best part of the manga series in Black Clover Episode 167, titled "Black Oath." This adaptation will feature the intense fight between the Dark Triad and the Clover Knights.

Yami and Asta join forces to bring the Dark Triad leader Dante Zogratis in Black Clover Episode 167. They are doing their best, pushing themselves to their limits, to match the devil's incredible ability.

It can't be denied that Dante has a lot of powerful spells that he can use against Asta and Yami. Aside from him, his fellow devil Vanica has been giving Noelle a hard time in their fight.

She has shown her great devil powers, too. Though the devils seem to have the upper hand this time, it may change soon.

Black Clover Episode 167 preview shows the defeated Clover Knights. However, they are yet to give up the fight.

Despite sustaining severe injuries, Noelle still gets up and faces Vanica, who is only using 50 percent of her devil power. Luck is also finding it hard to counter all the magic attacks, while Yami is all ready to surpass his limits to keep up. 

As the new episode is based on the same storyline the manga features, some already knew what would happen. Yami and Asta will do everything they can to defeat Dante and the Dark Triad altogether.

The Dark Triad has been invading the Heart Kingdom and the Clover Kingdom for a while now, OtakuKart News noted. Yami is facing Dante alone, while Noelle, Lolopechka, and Mimosa are teaming up to go against Vanica.

The three know they have to defeat Vanica so that the Dark Triad members will stop reviving. As Nero has sealed Vanica using a Mana method, she just laughs at them.

Lolopechka then realizes that Magicula has taken over Vanica's body while inside the Eternal Parison Seal. Megicula insults them and calls them weak. She then destroys the season, while Udine suddenly perceives the intense mana he is feeling is because of the devil.

What will happen next will be revealed in Black Clover Episode 167 that will drop on Tuesday, March 9, per Epic Stream. It can be seen on Funimation at 4:25 p.m. Eastern Time and 6:25 a.m. Japan Standard Time.

Do you think Asta and Yami's teaming up will help them win over Dante and the Dark Triad in general in Black Clover Episode 167? Share your comments below.