15 years have passed since Princess Hours premiered on MBC. Following its massive success across the globe over the years, its production companies Jaedam Media and Group Eight teamed up, once again, for the remake of the hit series.

AllKpop recently reported that the agencies signed a deal and closed a contract to work on the second adaptation. While details have remained scarce about the project, fans all over the world are now, reportedly, celebrating upon learning the news.

As stated, many netizens and avid followers of the series, alongside its cast, have been demanding the labels to do a remake since it ended more than a decade ago. With the latest update about the K-drama romantic comedy material, it appears that their "calls have finally been answered."

It remains unclear when the remake of Princess Hours will drop on small screens. No information has been given, as well, regarding the cast members of the series.

Nevertheless, Jaedam Media CEO Hwang Nam Yong released a statement regarding the matter, emphasizing the importance of the remake, according to Soompi. He said that the labels saw the significance of "actively breathing new life into good projects that already exist."

Hwang Nam Yong continued that creating new projects is essential for the agencies. Moreover, he believes that Goong (Princess Hours) "will become an important case in this new IP boom."

The 2006 series starred Yoon Eun Hye, Joo Ji Hoon, Kim Jeong Hoon, and Song Ji Hyo. Upon its release, it became a "major domestic and international hit," and has since contributed to the overall success of the Korean Wave or Hallyu.

Reports recalled that the premise of Princess Hours centers on an alternate universe in which South Korea still runs in constitutional monarchy governance. The crowned Prince ends up in an arranged marriage with a commoner following a pact made by their grandparents.

The original inspiration of the series first went public in 2003 as a published work. It was in serialization for over a decade and became a million-seller both in Korea and Japan.

The published materials, also, reached more than ten foreign regions, including France, Taiwan, and Thailand. Apart from the televised dramatization, it extended its reach, as well, into the world of novels and musicals.

Drama adaptation deals and contracts were, also, signed in various countries. Reports said that it even reached Mexico and China. Furthermore, Princess Hours had a spin-off in South Korea titled, Prince Hours (Goong).