INFINITE members Dongwoo And Sungyeol will know their future with Woollim Entertainment in the coming weeks as discussions about their contracts, which will expire at the end of March 2021, are ongoing.

According to reports, Woollim Entertainment said that Dongwoo And Sungyeol have been advised to review their future with the agency and assess their contracts after their co-group member Sunggyu decided to end his ties last March 6. It's still early to determine if the two boys will give it another go with the same agency.

A day after Sunggyu severed his ties after 11 years as Woollim Entertainment's talent, the agency issued a statement confirming that the decision was mutual. Sunggyu and the agency bosses discussed his career and length and then he decided to go in a different direction. His former agency expressed their gratitude to Sunngyu, who was a hard worker and a leader of INFINITE since he joined the band in 2010.

Prior to this confirmation, Sunggyu has been giving hints on his social media that he is leaving his agency and that his other group members might follow suit. He also said that they could still work together as a group and continue what they've started with INFINITE. Woollim Entertainment said that this would still be possible and that Sunggyu could still help with the band's promotions in the months to come.

INFINITE was originally a seven-member group but Hoya quit the agency in 2017. Two years later L also left the band to pursue an acting career as Kim Myung Soo, leaving the band with just five members. With Sunggyu's departure, INFINITE is now down to four members.

Woohyun has renewed his contract with Woollim Entertainment in October 2019 but he is currently on hiatus from the band as he completes his military training. Sungjong is also currently in the military but he's expected to return to INFINITE after May 2021. His contact's status is still unknown.

This leaves Dongwoo and Sungyeol to determine their status with the band. The boys have completed their military training more than a year ago.

Since 2010, Dongwoo has been the band's main rapper while Sungyeol has led as the vocalist. Both boys have separate sub-INFINITe groups as well and have been working on their own television shows and movies. As INFINITE members, Dongwoo and Sungyeol are credited for helping their album, New Challenge, reach 160,000 copies in sales and became one of the best-selling albums of 2013.