Black Clover Chapter 289 will be pretty intense with the return of the two major characters. Magna and Zora will make their triumphant return to the manga series after missing for quite a while.

Black Clover Chapter 289, titled "Freezing Sun," will continue Nacht and Asta's battle against Naamah and Lilith. With Magna and Zora's coming, will this two help the fight against the high-ranking devils?

According to BlockToro, Nacht will feel overwhelmed seeing all the magic around him and Asta. However, the latter seems not to mind it, knowing he can feel what is coming.

The majority of the chapter will focus on these four's never-ending fight. Later, Magna and Zora will be seen at the end of the installment, watching over them.

Naamah and Lilith's abilities have grown incredibly bigger, but Asta hits on them effortlessly. As he seems to know them down and send them flying, this longstanding battle may finally end soon.

Magna and Zora are then seen laughing at the end of Black Clover Chapter 289. It only means that these two are officially back, and what they will do next is truly a must-see.

In Black Clover Chapter 288, Asta had the upper hand in the fight against the twin devils. His anti-magic power would take control to put an end in the battle that had been tormenting Nacht all along, International Business Times noted.

Finral revealed Asta went on his own inside the Spade Kingdom castle to save Nacht. Inside the realm, Gimodelo told Nacht he was their only hope. If he would not make it, Gimodelo knew Naamah and Lilith would face them next.

Nacht then saw Asta and told him he was late, adding he should rush and go against the Dark Triad. Nacht knew he did not matter in this fight anymore, and everything was in Asta's hands.

Asta then noticed a minute already passed, and he only had five minutes to maintain his Devil Union form. Lilith and Naamah, on the other hand, were excited about their fight.

Asta started the attack using his sword. As he swung, Nacht saw the devils' physical bodies disappeared. The devils mocked him every time he would fail to land a strike, and the siblings tried to compete with each other on who would kill Asta first.

Asta then unleashed his third sword, the Demon-Destroyer. Lilith and Naamah were surprised to see his weapon, sending chills down their spines.

Asta successfully landed a strike on them and cut through one of the devils. Now, could they regenerate before Asta officially kills them? Find out when Black Clover Chapter 289 drops on Sunday, April 11, per Anime Troop.

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