The K-Drama series Vincenzo concluded its first season run on tvN and Netflix after 20 episodes. However, fans are wondering if the show will return for season 2 given its cliff-hanger ending.

The dark comedy rom-com series starring Song Joong-ki and Jeon Yeo-bin earned a huge following and the highest viewership on tvN to become the sixth show with record-breaking ratings in the network's history. The series has also earned a significant following from across the globe on the Netflix streaming platform and several nominations from the Baeksang Arts Awards in South Korea.

However, reports cited that K-Dramas are usually a one-off presentation, especially for a program with over 16 episodes. Thus, Vincenzo might not have a follow-up season despite a clamor from the viewers.

Fans have an issue with how the show wrapped up the romance between the characters of Vincenzo and Hong Cha Young. The pair did kiss in the end, suggesting that they finally got together, but there are hints of more layers to be uncovered as Vincenzo said he's not yet finished going after the scums of the earth.

Meanwhile, Song has expressed his gratitude for the fans' overwhelming support of his K-Drama series. The actor shared a photo on his Instagram to thank the viewers for watching the mafia series but he didn't indicate whether there could be a second season.

However, in an interview with Soompi, the actor has kept mum about this next project after this series. He also said that they have not discussed the second season at all but he appreciates that viewers want more from the show. In his view, however, the show will not likely get a second season renewal.

Song was supposed to work on Bogota as his next production but then filming has been hampered by COVID-19. The actor said that they need to film some parts of the show in Colombia but that will not be possible for now. The production is currently planning a workaround to film the series using the magic of technology.

The K-drama superstar also said that he will be attending the upcoming Baeksang Arts Awards where he is up for a Best Actor trophy for Vincenzo. Director Kim Hee Won has also been nominated in the Best Director category.

Meanwhile, Vincenzo might be over but the show's first will remain streaming on Netflix for international viewers.