ITZY continues to promote their latest album, Guess Who. It appears that the five members do this by engaging in various interviews, wherein they share several details about themselves.

Koreaboo said that in one of these engagements, the K-Pop idols talked about their most "embarrassing habits." It all took place during their sit-down talk with Seventeen while answering 17 personal questions.

Upon learning what was asked, Lia immediately said that she "cries easily." But, before explaining further, she exposed that the same is, also, true for some of the other members.

The rest of ITZY consequently gazed at Chaeryeong, seemingly hinting that she is the member who cries easily the most. Lia and Ryujin, then, asked her whether it is true as they wait for their co-member to admit it to herself.

They all giggled while talking about the subject. Chaeryeong, later on, called them "mean girls" for putting her on the spot.

Lia continued that they all "cry fairly easily." However, Yeji countered that she is different, alongside Yuna.

Ryujin said that the group leader and maknae hold their tears better than the rest of them. In the end, Yeji stated that she and Yuna are "meaner" than the other three members.

In the same interview, the members of ITZY, also, revealed their favorite foods. They all first answered "meat," adding that beef, pork, and chicken are all on top of the list.

Lia mentioned "kimchi fried rice," as well, while Chaeryeong noted that they all love "Korean food." She continued that "fruits" are, also, part of the list.

As for Ryujin, she highlighted that "bingsu" is one of their favorites. She, then, explained what goes into it, including the fruit toppings. Later on, Yeji revealed that most of the members prefer strawberry bingsu.

The promotion activities are seemingly working well for the members of ITZY. It has only been nearly two weeks since they dropped Guess Who but, all of the tracks in it are already topping the charts.

Forbes said that every song on the track collection is now a "best-seller" in South Korea. The five-member group scored another top 10 hit on the Gaon Download chart with their lead song, "M.A.F.I.A. In The Morning."

As for the rest of the tracks on the extended play record, all of them reached the upper 100-space of the same chart. Next to the lead song, "Sorry Not Sorry" debuted on No. 47.

"Kidding Me" and "Shoot!" placed on numbers 59 and 71. As for "Wild Wild West," it is now at no. 73, while "Tennis (o:o)" is at no. 80.