Brave Girls recently made an appearance on Upgrade Human. In the episode, the members discussed their current living conditions in a small dorm. But, apart from the challenging experiences in the past, they, also, shared the "upgrades" that they are now enjoying due to their increasing fame and success.

Koreaboo said that the K-Pop idols expressed their excitement in one particular upgrade, which they are now seemingly savoring and appreciating. As stated, they were talking about the four bathrooms in their new and much bigger dormitory.

As it happens, they only had one shower and toilet in their old home. So, they would always share it with the rest of the members or fight for it when they need to use the space.

Clips of the Brave Girls members using a small bathroom made into the episode of the show. It revealed how the idols were "enduring" the limited space as they were all trying to do their routines and other bathroom activities at the same time.

Alongside the four new bathrooms, the members shared, as well, some of the features of their new dormitory. They noted that the place "looks promising," adding that this, also, applies to the location. Moreover, they revealed how secure the area is, seemingly making them more comfortable living in their new dorm.

The upgrades that they are now experiencing come after their belated popularity in the K-Pop scene. They gained attention earlier this year after a video compilation of their four-year-old performances went viral on various media channels and platforms.

Following the event, Brave Girls has gone to experience several "firsts" in their career. They have received their first music show awards, advertisements and sponsorships, and variety shows, as well as engagements.

Reports, also, pointed out that the K-Pop group was about to disband before the viral moment. But, because of the newfound success and fame, they are now moving forward to releasing more music productions and performances.

Brave Girls is making their first official comeback since they released "We Ride" in August 2020. Prior to that, they had a long hiatus, which took place after releasing the new version of "Rollin" in 2018.

Soompi said that the group will return to the music scene on June 17. Brave Brothers under Brave Entertainment has already started to release spoilers and teasers for the K-Pop idols' return.

On Thursday, the agency gave the public the first "sneak peek" to the music video that Brave Girls are working on these past few weeks. On Instagram, the account stated that the public may "safely look forward to it."