Fans across the globe have always seemingly wondered how Paul Rudd keeps his youthful looks. Several humorous conspiracy theories even began to swirl around the Internet to explain why he does not appear to age.

Reports said that he has a "super secret" how he does it, but he plans to keep it this way. The conclusion comes after sources alleged that he turned down a multi-million-dollar-worth of a project for a skin care collection, according to National Enquirer.

The insiders asserted that the Marvel actor appeared to have "passed on" jumping onto the beauty bandwagon among Hollywood celebrities. He is said to be "an actor, and not a brand," adding that this likely explains why he did not accept the alleged offer.

Despite the accusations, the report did not mention any details about the said project. Moreover, the informants did not share evidence to corroborate the story.

Hence, it is unclear whether the claims are accurate or legitimate. No one can verify the narrative, and Paul Rudd himself has yet to speak about the matter.

It is, also, worth noting that the MCU star previously responded to the questions regarding his "beauty secret." Us Weekly covered what happened back then, noting that his answer was "hilarious."

During an engagement at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, an audience member asked him how he stays looking very young. Paul Rudd, who was with his fellow "Clueless" co-stars, stated that he has "pure darkness" while pointing to his chest. He consequently followed it up, saying "and a little moisturizer."

The "Ant-Man" actor, later on, shared that while he might look young on the outside, he feels like an 80-year-old person on the inside. To date, Rudd is 52 years old and turning 53 in April.

Before 2021 ended, the Hollywood celebrity obtained an "award" for his overall appearance. As it happened, he was named the Sexiest Man Alive for the year, according to People.

When asked about the title, Paul Rudd said that he was "going to lean into hard," adding that he would own the honor. He, also, quipped that he would get business cards made for his new award.

The "Avengers: Endgame" star, later on, claimed, however, that he was aware some people would be surprised to hear about the matter. He asserted that it was not "false humility," and there were other individuals that should get the title before him.