Sandra Bullock reportedly "went off on some people" as she is a diva. This is the latest allegation about the actress, with sources saying that there was no joy in working with her.

Life & Style covered the claims in its January 31 issue. As stated, while fans still consider her as a "girl next door," the real truth is that she has a "secret diva side."

The insiders spilled some details and noted that this was especially true during the set of her upcoming rom-com film, "The Lost City." She allegedly "lost it" a few times, adding that she yelled, screamed, and barked orders when things were not going well.

The same informants continued that her co-stars, Brad Pitt and Channing Tatum, did enjoy working with Sandra Bullock. They "had a blast," but the case is different for the crew members.

Many allegedly started calling her "unfavorable nicknames" because of her bossy ways. It, also, came as a shock to many, even though similar reports of her being a diva have already raised eyebrows in the past.

The outlet recalled a 2015 allegation about Sandra Bullock, claiming that she threw a tantrum at the Toronto International Film Festival. She was said to have berated a cameraman over lighting issues.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry covered the same narrative at the time, revealing some of the details of the alleged diva moment about seven years ago. As noted, the story first emerged in Star magazine, with tipsters adding that she only smiled when the camera started rolling.

It was, also, insisted that she had a "bad mood" from the start of the event, leaving crew members with a "very bad impression" about her.

But, despite all the statements, the publication asserted that these things were "very out of character" for Sandra Bullock. It argued, as well, that she is a "professional," making the whole story questionable.

As with the latest narrative, no one can seemingly confirm the legitimacy of the claims. No proof has come to light, causing more doubt to rise.

Whatever the case, though, the "Gravity" actress maintains her silence about the matter. It appears that she does not acknowledge any of the allegations about her.

Meanwhile, what seems to be her focus right now is the upcoming premiere of "The Lost City." She plays the role of a romance author who writes about "adventurous, exotic settings," according to People.

Sandra Bullock stars alongside Channing Tatum and Daniel Radcliffe for the rom-com material. It will hit the big screens on March 25, and the official trailer is already out.