Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are reportedly working on a lot of issues in their marriage. These include having a fourth baby and relocating to a new home from their current New York property.

A source told Star that the "Deadpool" star wants to move to Los Angeles. He would not mind living in the Southern California City again, adding that everyone knows about it.

However, the "Gossip Girl" alum allegedly wants to stay in their seven-bedroom house in Pound Ridge. She prefers New York and is the "reason [Reynolds] left Hollywood."

Apart from the issues regarding their living arrangements, the celebrity couple are, also, said to be having discussions about a new addition to the family. While Lively wants to try for a boy, her husband is already "happy" with their three daughters.

The insider noted that the "Green Lantern" stars have "fought" about the matter, and are still debating having a fourth child. But, Blake Lively may have the final say on this area.

Amid all the reported problems, though, Ryan Reynolds and his wife are allegedly "at a crossroads in terms of where things go from here." Nevertheless, they are claimed to be "preserving the status quo," as well as "figuring things out" moving forward.

This is not the first time Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively faced similar rumors, claiming they have serious problems in their relationship. Even so, Gossip Cop via Suggest previously dismissed the allegations, saying that these are all fake stories.

As explained, there is no reason to believe that the two celebrities are "struggling to make things work." Although it is, indeed, true that no marriage is perfect, the latest assertions about them are "speculations at the very best."

The reputed publication, later on, pointed out that the supposed sources made the stories up. It added that this is the "most likely scenario" to spread rumors about the two Hollywood stars.

That may be the case, considering Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds recently made headlines again for their "sweet" relationshipScary Mommy reported that this became evident in a subtle way after the actor posted a solo photo on Instagram.

He opted for a "sparsely worded caption" and credited his wife for the image. As explained, Lively was likely making her husband "cheese so hard" for the snap as seen in his pose. Accordingly, things look well between the two celebrities, noting that Reynolds made the post earlier this week.