Numerous celebrities take advantage of social media for their respective careers. While the platforms offer several advantages and benefits to personalities, not everyone is entirely on board with them.

For its February 14 issue, Us Weekly released some of the Hollywood A-listers who "ditched" social media apps and sites in recent years. It is said that doing so "has only been a positive" for these stars.

Elizabeth Olsen is one of these famous individuals who left the social media scene. In 2020, she logged off Instagram and never looked back.

The Marvel actress reportedly explained that she did not like the way her brain functioned around these kinds of platforms. She realized it began to become "very unhealthy" when she started questioning whether to post something or not.

Also on the list is Pete Davidson, who has continued to make headlines these past few weeks. The publication recalled that the "SNL" player decided social media was "not a good place" for him after posting he does not want to be on Earth anymore in 2018.

A year later, he reportedly told his audience not to go online as it does not make him happy. He added that he is "not a fan" of it even if the things on the platforms are some "random s***."

Ed Sheeran is one of the celebrities who left social media, as well. He does not even own a cellphone, a move which he started in 2015.

As reported, the "A-Team" singer felt like "a veil just lifted" after getting rid of his phone. He, also, shared that "life without texting is less overwhelming."

While some celebrities used social media for a while before ditching it, others refused it from the beginningBright Side listed some of the personalities who do not go on such platforms, noting that they have good reasons.

The list includes Daniel Radcliffe, Kristen Stewart, Brad Pitt, Emily Blunt, Sandra Bullock, Scarlett Johansson, Keira Knightley, and George Clooney. Most of them claimed that they do not need social media, although some acknowledged the benefits of using it.

Meanwhile, other celebrities find social media apps and sites "comforting" and necessary. People previously revealed some of the entertainment personalities who "love" and are fond of using such platforms.

These include Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, who have millions of followers in their respective accounts. Gwen Stefani, Gigi Hadid, and Selena Gomez are, also, all for it as they find it useful for different kinds of things in their personal and professional lives.