BLACKPINK is now preparing for their much-awaited comeback after officially announcing the release date of their new album, "Born Pink," on Instagram on Tuesday, August 9. After dropping the dates for their upcoming world tour, the wait for their full-length album will be soon over.

BLACKPINK dropped an elegant pink and white teaser poster that revealed the date of the album's release. As expected, BLINKs quickly celebrated the news.

The image featured the band's name along with the upcoming album's title. It also came with the words "BLACKPINK 2ND ALBUM" and the date, 2022.09.16," which means it would be out on September 16.

After just over a month, fans will finally hear what Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rose have to offer this time. "Born Pink" will feature the new song "Pink Venom," which will be the girls' second release this year, following "Ready for Love," a piece they did in collaboration with PUBG Mobile, per Billboard.


Their last album release was in 2020, with "The Album," featuring the hit songs "How You Like That" and "Ice Cream" feat Selena Gomez.

The album's release date announcement came two days after the four-piece revealed "Pink Venom" would be out on Friday, August 19. A day after that, they also unveiled the dates for their upcoming "Born Pink" world tour.

BLACKPINK's official website revealed the details for their upcoming worldwide concerts, which would kick off in Seoul on October 15 and 16. They will go around North America and perform in 10 cities across the country and in Canada.

On October 25, they will be in Dallas, October 29 in Houston, November 2 in Atlanta, November 6 and 7 in Hamilton, November 10 and 11 in Chicago, November 14 and 15 in Newark, November 19 in Los Angeles and November 30 in London City in Ohio.

Their next stop will be in Europe, starting their series of concerts on December 1 in London, December 5 in Barcelona, December 8 in Cologne, December 11 and 12 in Paris, December 18 in Berlin and December 22 in Amsterdam.

Of course, BLACKPINK will also visit and perform in Asia and the Middle East. It will begin on January 7 and 8 in Bangkok, January 13 and 14 in Hong Kong, January 20 in Riyadh, January 28 in Abu Dhabi, March 4 in Kuala Lumpur, March 11 in Jakarta, March 18 in Kaohsiung, March 25 in Manila and May 13 in Singapore.

Lastly, they will be in Australia and New Zealand on June 10 and 11 in Melbourne, June 16 and 17 in Sydney and June 21 in Auckland. The site also noted "and more," alluding that more dates and places would be added to the BLACKPINK world tour.