The full scan of "One Piece" Chapter 1069 has finally come out, proving Luffy and Lucci will have a big fight. From the return of Gear 5 to Lucci's Awakened form, an intense battle is about to ensue.

Warning: The following content contains major "One Piece" Chapter 1069 spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The new chapter will begin with the workers and researchers fleeing Egghead Island as Lucci and Atlas' fight. Luffy and his group are determined to stay as they stare down at Lucci and S-Bear, the Bartholomew Kuma Seraphim model.

Chopper shrieks upon seeing Lucci, while Jinbe can't believe they're targeting Vegapunk. Luffy mocks Lucci by calling him a "pigeon guy."

Lucci transforms into his original form and declares Eggheadn a government island. Luffy agrees, so Chopper tells him to leave.

CP0 Kaku remarks after seeing the Straw Hats and Jewelry Bonney. He warns Lucci about hurting them, considering Luffy is now a Yonko-they need orders to face them in "One Piece" Chapter 1069.

Luffy then asks Jinbe to look after Bonney. CP0 Stussy knows that facing a Yonko can quickly escalate into an all-out war, so they must contact the Marines first.

Luffy is surprised to see Atlas' state and asks Chopper to heal her. Lucci claims he's aware of the consequences and asks Luffy to stay out of the World Government's business.

Elsewhere, the Marines want Lucci and his people to wait for them before making any moves against Luffy and his group. However, Luffy and Lucci are already preparing for a big fight, as Chopper, Jinbe, Bonney, Atlas, and the rest of the island's residents are running away from them to a safe place in "One Piece" Chapter 1069.

Jinbe warns Luffy that the World Government will consider their fight a major incident. Nami and the Straw Hats can't help but comment on Lucci's strange appearance.

Vegapunk Shaka notices Luffy's Awakened Zoan powers, saying it tends to "overwhelm the user's mind" and calling the situation exceptional. From there, the much-awaited battle between the two may finally begin.

Meanwhile, after "One Piece" Chapter 1069 drops on Sunday, December 11, the manga will take a one-week break. Hence, Chapter 1070 will not be out until December 18.

"One Piece" Chapter 1069 will be part of the 54th issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine, and fans can read it for free online from Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and Manga Plus apps and websites.