If you're aiming for a trendy look this F/W season, it might be a good idea to have a 'slip skirt' ready in your wardrobe. The slip skirt, which was a favorite among fashion enthusiasts in the 1990s, is making a grand comeback in the fashion world of 2023.

Derived from the English word 'slip', which means 'to slide', the slip skirt refers to a skirt with a sleek design that seems to flow along the body's silhouette. While the slip dress, a type of underwear, was traditionally made from silky or satin-like thin materials, the slip skirt typically uses similar textures. However, recent trends have seen a rise in more daring see-through materials, stretchy cotton, and velvet variations of the slip skirt.

The mood exuded by the slip skirt is one of restrained sensuality. The skirt emphasizes the body line, amplifying a feminine mood, while its subtle details add elegance.

With the resurgence of the slip skirt trend, celebrities have also jumped on the bandwagon. One of the most talked-about figures recently is Lisa from BLACKPINK. She donned a satin slip skirt with quirky graphics and a tie-dye color combination, achieving a feminine yet unique look. Additionally, Lisa wore her slip skirt in a low-rise style, ensuring she didn't miss out on the trendy vibe.

Miyeon from (G)I-DLE sported a long slip skirt made of dark navy satin. She paired the minimalist skirt with a sleeveless crop top and sneakers, presenting a hipper styling.

The Slip Skirt Trend: From Jennie to Lisa, How K-pop Stars are Rocking the Look for F/W
(Photo : Kim Na-young, and Hwasa. Jennie Kim Nayoung Hwasa SNS)
Stars wearing slip skirts of various materials and details. (From left) Blackpink Jennie,

Jennie's red carpet look, which deviated from the typical slip dress by featuring a long slit on the thigh, also caught attention. She wore a long slip skirt made of velvet with a slit detail in a low-rise style, paired with a cropped tweed vest, exuding an urban chic vibe.

Kim Nayoung and Hwasa each wore slip skirts made of satin and a flowy thin cotton material, respectively. Both paired their slip skirts with matching tops in the same material and color, showcasing a cohesive styling.

For those who find elegant materials like silk or satin a bit daunting, opting for a sporty mood slip skirt, like Jennie's, is a great choice. Jennie paired a tight-fitting cotton mini slip skirt that emphasized her body line with a white short-sleeved t-shirt adorned with a cute ribbon print, completing a minimalistic look that resonates with the MZ generation.