Chuck Norris, a macho martial arts master, enjoys roughing it, even at the age of 84, and is dragging wife Gena O'Kelley into the woods, despite reports that she would rather be glamming it up at a five-star watering hole.

According to sources, the Walker, Texas Ranger graduate is as knowledgeable about wilderness survival as he is about martial arts, which is quite a bit.

“Chuck loves camping and turned Gena on to it years ago. They love to fourwheel it to a remote spot, pitch a tent by a nice lake, do some fishing, cook over an open campfire and get in touch with nature,” an unnamed source told Globe Magazine.

“It really recharges them — Chuck especially. Sleeping under the stars with nothing but wild critters around also gives them a thrill and puts them in the romantic mood,” the insider went on.

It was also stated that Gena, 61, who will mark 26 years of marriage to Chuck in November, enjoys doing everything with her hard-working husband, but she would also like to stay in a five-star hotel or go camping.

“She goes along because Chuck loves roughing it. It’s one of the reasons why Chuck’s in such great shape at his age,” the informant shared.

The aging fighting expert recently posted a video featuring his boxing moves. Feeling good and staying active! … I’m 84 today, but I feel like I’m 48!” Chuck was heard saying in the clip.

“For Chuck, exercise, meditation and prayer are the keys to a long, happy life,” the tipster added.

Meanwhile, Chuck has allegedly quit as an "honorary scoutmaster" with the Boy Scouts of America, stating, "I'm not sure what they represent anymore."

On May 11, 2024, the VibeVerse Facebook page shared a meme alleging that martial artist and actor Chuck Norris had resigned from his job as "honorary scoutmaster" for the Boy Scouts of America.

The post said, "Chuck Norris Resigns as an Honorary Scout Master After 35 Years: 'I'm Not Sure What They Represent Anymore.'"

The first remark on the Facebook post included a link to an unrelated article on with the title "Top 10 Famous People Who Served in Military—Top 10 Famous People Who Served in Military."

Other X users also spread the news regarding Norris' alleged resignation as honorary scoutmaster.

However, upon verification, it was found out that Chuck did not resign from his position as an honorary scoutmaster with the Boy Scouts of America.

This rumor began with a May 9 post on a Facebook page affiliated with the America's Last Line of Defense network of satire and parody websites. The page's description states, "Nothing on this page is real."