On his most recent journey to Britain, Prince Harry was greeted as if he were a commoner, leaving no question that his family has no desire to interact with him. Even his cancer-stricken father, King Charles, shunned the redheaded rebel upon his arrival in London for the Invictus Games celebration, a new report claimed.

"The king even twisted a knife in Harry’s back the same day by announcing he was appointing Prince William as colonel-in-chief of Harry’s old regiment, a role Harry always wanted. The bitterness in this family runs so deep, no one sees a way back for them — ever!” an unnamed source told The National Enquirer.

The Duke of Sussex, 39, arrived on May 7 to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Wounded Warriors Games, which he co-founded. As previously known, his superstar wife, Meghan Markle, 42, remained at home in Montecito, Calif., with their children, Archie, 5, and Lilibet, 2.

There was no royal roof over Prince Harry's head while in London, as King Charles, 75, had evicted him from his British base, Frogmore Cottage, last year, and no royal banquet. Instead, Prince Harry slept in a hotel and dined at the home of his banker friend Guy Monson.

The extraordinary royal family conflict "is one of the most public rifts in the world," according to royal observer Michael Cole. “For the king not to see his younger son is quite a snub and an indication of the depth of the divide. The prodigal son is not welcome!” he stated.

Prince Harry was last in Britain in February, when he paid a 30-minute visit to his father following his cancer diagnosis.

“That trip was branded a publicity stunt inside the palace. Now, here we are again. At a time when his majesty is bravely performing engagements while undergoing grueling cancer treatments, self-absorbed Harry expects his father to clear his calendar for him,” the insider said.

Instead of staying longer to maybe arrange a meeting with King Charles, Prince Harry flew out to meet Meghan for a "royal" tour of Nigeria, where she is being treated like a queen following her recent disclosure that she has Nigerian ancestry.

“The way they’re presenting themselves as parallel royals is only sparking more animosity. Harry is persona non grata now — and he only has himself to blame!” the informant stated.

A former royal aide told Daily Beast that King Charles' refusal to acknowledge his son's event demonstrates that he does not wish to encourage Prince Harry to spend more time in the United Kingdom.

King Charles will allegedly never support a hostile, rival royal organization on his doorstep. Instead, the monarch made it clear that he is not welcome to perform official, quasi-royal events in the United Kingdom could detract from the monarchy's mission and objectives.

Meanwhile, royal expert Robert Jobson, King Charles turned down Prince Harry's recent visit to the United Kingdom in order to avoid his son's “circus.”

"People think if Harry rolls into town there's going to be some sort of reconciliation. But you're going to realize there's been a lot of water under the bridge, a lot of portrayal of trust. That takes time to rebuild, and I don't think we're anywhere near the stage of rebuilding trust. Harry effectively took it by himself to come see his dad when he said that he had been diagnosed with cancer that would be seen by as many as a good thing. But at the time I think the King didn't want all the media circus that would accompany Harry's arrival,” Robert told Marca.

The issue became clear when Prince Harry attended a service at St Paul's Cathedral to commemorate the tenth anniversary of his Invictus Games, while King Charles attended a garden party at Buckingham Palace.

The timing of their ceremonies appeared to be designed to minimize any encounter between the two, with Prince Harry departing the service just as King Charles closed up the first Buckingham Palace garden party of the year.

A representative for Prince Harry stated that the prince would not meet with King Charles during his visit, citing the King's hectic schedule. This decision shows the ongoing conflict between them as they negotiate their strained relationship in public.