Jennifer Garner is acting in a manner that is reminiscent of a protective mother bear around her ex-husband, Ben Affleck, a new report claimed.

An unnamed source revealed to Life & Style that Jennifer is assisting Ben, who is 51 years old, in planning his life after his divorce. The “13 Going 30” actress is allegedly expressing a great deal of satisfaction that she will no longer have to cope with the obnoxious presence of the "On the Floor" singer.

“Jen was extremely tolerant and always found a way to bite her tongue and be cordial to J. Lo whenever they were in the same room. But truth be told they’re like oil and water, you couldn’t find two people more different,” the insider claimed.

Jennifer, who is 52 years old, has proven to be "supportive" of the relationship for the sake of Ben, even if "it was no secret that she did not think he and J. Lo were a good match."

“Like most people, she knew it was only going to end in tears, it was just a matter of when and how. She’s trying to be diplomatic about it, she doesn’t want anyone, least of all the kids, to be aware that there’s any lingering bad blood between her and J. Lo,” the informant stated of the “Elektra” actress.

Despite the fact that she wants to have a cordial relationship with Ben, the tipster claimed that Jennifer is secretly pleased that this is coming to an end. This is because she will no longer have to maintain the absurd facade and come up with excuses to explain to Ben why she does not want to go on vacation with them.

“The one sticking point is that her kids bonded with J. Lo’s kids and she’d never try and come between that. But as far as her relationship with J. Lo, that’s done and she totally agrees it’s for the best,” the mole concluded.

In May, In Touch Weekly claimed that Jennifer Lopez, who is 54 years old, and Ben, who was married in 2022, were "headed for a divorce." Since then, the Hollywood couple have found themselves at the heart of split speculation of their relationship.

“He’s focusing on his work and his kids now. Ben already moved out and they’ll likely have to sell the dream house they spent two years searching for. They’ll never stop loving each other, but she can’t control him, and he can’t change her. There’s no way it could have lasted,” a snitch told the entertainment news outlet at the time.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben have not officially announced that they have broken up, despite the fact that they have given numerous indications that they have decided to end their relationship, such as removing their wedding rings and celebrating holidays apart.

Meanwhile, in June, a tattler revealed to Life & Style in an exclusive interview that Jennifer Lopez was resolute in her efforts to repair their marriage.

“Jennifer’s marriage is in serious trouble, and she’s desperate to save it. But to do that, she needs to be where Ben is,” it claimed.

Jennifer Garner has been seen spending a significant amount of time with Ben, although their marriage has been experiencing difficulties. On June 15, the “Peppermint” actress was captured on camera admitting herself into his rental property in the Brentwood region of Los Angeles, which is rented out for $100,000 per month.

“People close to Ben have been concerned about him for some time. He’s in a bad place and has been isolating. Jen’s opening up to friends like never before about it, explaining why she’s been so involved lately and is often seen visiting Ben. She wants to finally share her side of the story,” a separate source Life & Style Magazine.

Business Times has reached out to Jennifer Garner for comments.