Charleston Lim

Charleston Lim
Charleston is a business news writer in Business Times. "A web developer and SEO expert by profession, but an aspiring writer and journalist at heart. My field of interest generally ranges from science, tech, gadgets, games, and software. I am always open to changing my perspective and am eternally hungry for knowledge. I like the fact that I still don't know a lot about how the world works, and I'm fine with that."

The Latest

  • Ericsson Share Plummet After It Admitted To Making Payments To ISIS
    Ericsson CEO Borje Ekholm said the company made payments to intermediaries that provided transport routes through regions controlled by ISIS.
  • Brazil Mudslide Disaster: At Least 94 Now Confirmed Dead
    Rescue operations are still ongoing as dozens are still believed to be missing or trapped under debris and tons of mud.
  • Sydney Reports First Fatal Shark Attack Since 1963
    Witnesses said the swimmer was dragged under the water by a 14-foot great white shark.
  • California Sets New Record-High Gas Prices, Nearing $5 Per Gallon
    Gas Prices
    Analysts expect gas prices to hit $5 per gallon in the coming months if not sooner if the same trends continue.
  • Spanish Fishing Boat Sinks Off Canada, At Least 10 Dead And 11 Still Missing
    The Spanish vessel was fishing off Canada's Newfoundland island when it encountered rough weather.
  • Roblox Stock Plunges Following Lackluster Fourth Quarter Earnings
    Roblox's stock price dropped by 26% Wednesday to $55 per share, near the record low of $53.63 per share set last month.
  • AirAsia Flight From Malaysia Rerouted Due To Stowaway Snake
    The pilot of an AirAsia flight decided to reroute to a nearby city after passengers reported that they had spotted a snake inside the aircraft.
  • Tyson Foods Joins Walmart And Amazon In Dropping Mask Requirements
    Tyson Foods
    Tyson Foods told its more than 137,000 U.S. workers that all fully vaccinated employees will no longer be required to wear masks.
  • JPMorgan Is First U.S. Bank To Open A Business Lounge Inside The Metaverse
    JPMorgan Chase
    America's largest bank opened the doors to its virtual lounge in Decentraland called the Onyx Lounge.
  • Virgin Galactic Stocks Skyrocket After Reopening Of Space Flight Ticket Sales
    Virgin Galactic
    Virgin Galactic's stock price jumped by more than 30% after it announced the reopening of its space flight ticket sales.
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