Charleston Lim

Charleston Lim
Charleston is a business news writer in Business Times. "A web developer and SEO expert by profession, but an aspiring writer and journalist at heart. My field of interest generally ranges from science, tech, gadgets, games, and software. I am always open to changing my perspective and am eternally hungry for knowledge. I like the fact that I still don't know a lot about how the world works, and I'm fine with that."

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  • Buffett's Berkshire Invested Nearly $1 Billion In Activision Prior To Microsoft Deal
    Warren Buffett
    Berkshire Hathaway bought 14.7 million shares in Activision worth around $975 million in the fourth quarter last year, before Microsoft announced its acquisition plans.
  • AMD Closing $50 Billion Deal To Acquire Xilinx Inc
    AMD said it has already acquired all the necessary regulatory approvals to move ahead with the acquisition.
  • Frenchman Threatening To Stab Police At Busy Train Station Shot Dead
    Police officers had shot dead a man armed with a knife at Paris's busy Gare du Nord train station Monday.
  • Tower Semiconductor Stock Skyrockets Following News Of Intel Buyout
    TSEM's share price jumped by as much as 48.2% in extended trading following news of Intel's plan to acquire the company for $6 billion.
  • U.S. Evacuates Embassy In Kyiv Amid Threats Of Imminent Russian Invasion
    The U.S. is temporarily closing down its embassy in Kyiv because of an increased possibility of a Russian invasion.
  • Toyota Developing Manual Transmission System For Electric Vehicles
    Toyota has filed patents for an electric vehicle manual transmission system that includes fake clutches and fake shifters.
  • French Air Attacks Kills 40 Armed Fighters In Burkina Faso
    Aerial drone
    French Army officials said they neutralized at least 40 armed 'terrorists' through multiple air attacks in Burkina Faso.
  • Splunk Shares Surge Following Cisco's $20 Billion Takeover Bid
    Shares of software company Splunk surged by more than 14% after news broke that Cisco had made a $20 billion takeover bid.
  • Netflix To Produce Show Based On Couple Who Allegedly Laundered Stolen Bitfinex Bitcoins
    Netflix has hired 'Tiger King' director to helm the new documentary series based on the lives of the recently arrested couple who were laundering stolen bitcoins from the Bitfinex heist.
  • Swiss Vote In Favor Of Legislation Prohibiting Public Cigarette Ads
    Close up photo of cigarette.
    Around 56.6% of the voting public were in favor of the bill aimed at banning cigarette advertisements.
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