The anticipation for Sherlock Season 5 remains high despite the very fact that there are still no confirmed details about. Though there have been several reports hounding the alleged fifth installment of the popular British crime drama television series, its home network, BBC, has kept mum about it. Despite the lack of information about the show's yet-to-be-confirmed fifth season, there are still valid reasons available as to why should fans continue to keep their hopes up.

In January 2017, series co-writer Steven Moffat shared that the most-recent installment is the end of the first chapter. Moffat made this announcement when he was asked about the future of the show. His statement seemed to confirm that Sherlock Season 5 is still possible to happen.

"We're all constantly thrilled and amazed by people's enthusiasm for Sherlock," Moffat revealed to Digital Spy when asked to comment about Sherlock Season 5. "We hope to carry on as long as we can," he continued. Because of this, myriad reports, predictions, and theories about the upcoming fifth installment made rounds online.

Furthermore, Moffat said he and Gatiss had not even talked about Sherlock Season 5 as he has "been doing other stuff as well." He said they have yet to sit down and do proper talk about the fifth installment. And, by the looks of it, the deliberation is going to take a significant amount of time.

Another reason why fans should keep their hopes up for Sherlock Season 5 is the very fact that series mainstays and protagonists Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are very much willing to reprise their roles should everything be arranged well and finalized. The 42-year-old English actor revealed, in 2017, that the future of the show is up to Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss since they are both busy working on other projects.

"Everybody got quite busy, you know?," Benedict Cumberbatch said when asked about the possibility of having Sherlock Season 5. "You want to keep it fresh and stuff like that," he added.

While there is a high chance of having another installment of the popular British television series, it should be noted that BBC has yet to confirm these speculations. Hence, avid followers of the show should take everything lightly until these unverified claims about Sherlock Season 5 are proven true and correct.

No other details about the yet-to-be-confirmed installment had been made public up to this writing. So, stay tuned to Business Times China for the latest Sherlock Season 5 spoilers, predictions, news, and updates.