There is no denying that Lucifer Season 4 is still among the much-anticipated television series that is set to return in the small screen up to this writing. Many fans got hooked with the American urban fantasy police procedural comedy-drama television series because of its thought-provoking plot and admirable characters. After the show got a renewal notice, avid followers of the series are wondering what the next installment could bring to the table.

Spoilers have it that Lucifer Season 4 would continue tackling the romance between Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe Decker (Lauren German). Most viewers know that Chloe was very instrumental in making Lucifer a very much better person than he first set foot on earth. Chloe's interventions, undeniably, worked that the former Lord of Hell is almost getting rid of his evil personality. Because of this, some fans speculated that Chloe might also help Lucifer go to heaven.

A fan shared, via Reedit, that Lucifer has clearly changed since he met Chloe - that's pretty obvious in the previous installments before Lucifer Season 4. The series' main character even got his wings back and can, now, love. "I suppose that if Lucifer had never met Chloe, he would surely have remained the same and ended up going back to Hell," the fan wrote. "Even in the episode with Father Frank, just before he dies, he tells Lucifer that God has a plan," he added. The million-dollar question now is, how would the former Lord of Hell react to the notion that God has been there all along, trying to get Lucifer back to his side?

Should this theory come into a reality in Lucifer Season 4, fans could expect that Lucifer's feelings for Chloe may not be the same again even if he is head over heels for her. Aside from that, things are expected to go south between the duo after Chloe witnessed Lucifer's gruesome devil face in the finale episode of the third season. While these predictions are possible to happen, it should be noted that these are just guesses that need to be verified. Hence, avid followers of the show should take these theories lightly until everything is proven true and correct.

Are you excited for the next season? The upcoming fourth installment of the American comedy-drama series is expected to premiere later this year on Netflix. Stay tuned to Business Times China for the latest Lucifer Season 4 spoilers, predictions, theories, news, and updates!