It's been six years since the finale episode of Dexter aired on Showtime. Despite this, some fans are still hoping that a Dexter season 9 would finally come to the small screen since series reboots are on-trend these days.

Dexter season 9 has been a lingering question on fans' minds especially after the release of a fan-made poster around this time last year. While that hoax ignited interest for the series again, star Michael C. Hall's statements about Dexter season 9 also sparked more buzz. 

In an interview with Daily Beast, Hall said that he wouldn't say "never" to the possibility of the serial killer series coming back to television. He said that he understood where the fans were coming from because the Dexter series finale left many unsatisfied. 

"The way that show ended gave no sense of closure for people and a lot of questions unanswered," the actor said. "As far as any more of that happening, it's possible." 

In another interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hall also declared that he's open to playing the iconic character again. However, he doesn't think now is the right time for a reboot as he believes that the new story has to come to its own pace. 

However, amid all the buzz, Showtime has denied they were actively discussing with the producers of the series to bring back the show for Dexter season 9. Instead, a source told Hollywood Life that the producers have been working on a spinoff or a prequel featuring a new set of actors. 

"A Dexter prequel series is now in development, which may include a younger Dexter with more of a back story as well as some spinoff series with other major characters," the report stated at that time. Since then, however, nothing has come out of the Showtime's development cycle. 

Meanwhile, after Dexter, Hall has been in a string of other TV shows. He was on Netflix's The Crown as President John F. Kennedy, and he also starred in the thriller Safe for the streaming platform. 

The actor will be seen next in the drama series Shadowplay, which is another thriller set in during the war. This has been ordered for two seasons and Hall will be working successively on this series until 2020.

His Dexter co-star Jennifer Carpenter recently starred in the NBC drama The Enemy Within. The show, however, won't be returning for a second season. Before this, the actress starred in one season of Limitless for CBS.