The Scientology Church is, reportedly, keeping an eye on Kirstie Alley after the actress reportedly fled the controversial religion. A tabloid claimed Alley has decided to leave Scientology because of the "dirty methods" that it uses to control people.

According to New Idea, the actress' sudden departure from Scientology came as a huge shock to everyone in the church as she has been known to be one of its most devoted members for years. A source, which the tabloid said has close ties with the Scientology bosses, claimed Alley left her home in Clearwater, Florida without telling anyone exactly where she headed. The church's headquarters is at the same place. 

Since Kirstie's departure, the church bosses are worried about losing one of their highest-profile members. Apparently, the top members of the church are keeping the Look Who's Talking actress in close watch. Her social media posts were also being monitored as she could damage the reputation of Scientology when she starts talking. 

Gossip Cop, however, debunked the rumor. The outlet explained that though it's true that Alley owns a house in Clearwater, it doesn't mean that she spends all her time there. Reports have it that Kirstie is currently quarantining in her hometown of Wichita since early March.

The truth is that Alley sold her home in Islesboro, Maine in April. She left the island community where she has been part of for nearly 30 years. In her open letter she wrote to her friends on the island, which was shared on the Islesboro, Maine Facebook group, she expressed her hope to spend summers on the island in the future. 

Gossip Cop also raised doubts about the supposed source of New Idea that is "close to the Scientology bosses." The publication pointed out that the reclusive church has been known to be hostile to journalists even if it's a tabloid. The outlet noted that it is highly unlikely that anyone from the shadowy group, more so its higher-ups, would reveal any of their secrets. 

Moreover, Gossip Cop mentioned how New Idea has published some other ridiculous claims about Scientology and its celebrity members. In September 2018, it claimed that Nicole Kidman was trying to save his son with Tom Cruise, Connor Cruise, from Scientology. 

Earlier this year, it also reported that Meghan Markle was seeking Cruise's help for her Hollywood comeback. The Suits alum was allegedly banking on the actor's Scientology connections to gain a foothold on her return. Gossip Cop also dismissed this rumor.