Donald Trump is facing a lot of scrutinies, especially these days following the upcoming memoir of his former National Security Adviser, John Bolton. The book, which is set to be released next week, reportedly includes "stunning" and "explosive" claims about the current administration and the incumbent US President.

Some of the most shocking claims reportedly came after the White House tried to prevent the publication of the material. However, excerpts and leaks have already made its way to various publications, including the New York TimesWall Street Journal, and Washington Post, according to The Guardian.

The most "notable" claim made in the book titled, The Room Where It Happened, is reportedly the pleadings made by Donald Trump with China. As revealed, the US President "asked" China and its President, Xi Jinping, to utilize its "economic power" to assist him in winning the upcoming elections in November. The former White House Adviser also pointed out that he would "print" the President's exact words but, the "pre-publication review" of the government "decided otherwise."

Alongside his appeals with China, John Bolton also reportedly revealed that Trump "praised" the country's "internment camps." As stated, the US President was "approving" of Xi Jinping's defense toward China's "internment of Uighur Muslims in detention camps." Donald Trump thought that it was "exactly the right thing to do," the author shared.

Another shocking claim in the book was the one involving Ivanka Trump. The same publication said that it was about the First Daughter's controversial usage of personal email for government transactions.

As Bolton puts it, the US President reportedly "diverted" the controversy from his daughter by "defending" Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman in the issue of killing Jamal Khashoggi in 2018. It is explained that Donald Trump made headlines immediately after making remarks about the issue.

John Bolton reportedly asserted in his piece that Trump's statements were not the point. It was about "making the headlines" as it will take over the "Ivanka thing."

The reports said that these are only some of the allegations made by the US President's former National Security Adviser in his upcoming memoir. Most of the publications reportedly released copies of the excerpts and leaks on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, The Guardian reported in a separate headline that the White House was seeking an "emergency order" to prevent the material from publishing. It was reportedly an "aggressive last-ditch attempt."

While some called it "clever," experts reportedly said that it won't stop the book from its release next week. Not to mention, copies have already been distributed across the globe, as per claims.