Melania Trump has an odd relationship with her husband, President Donald Trump, when they are in front of cameras. But it seems like it wasn't far from their relationship when the public eyes were not on them. 

In Washington Post reporter Mary Jordan's new book, The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump, she wrote a lot about the relationship between the First Couple. One of which is how the mother-of-one gives Trump the silent treatment whenever she is mad or upset. 

According to Jordan, Melania would walk away and be invisible the entire time when she's mad and the president doesn't like it. Jordan explained that Trump likes to have her good-looking wife at his side all the time. 

The author cited a couple of incidents when Melania abruptly changed the arrangements of her public appearances because she's upset and didn't want to be with her husband. The first was when she decided not to accompany the president to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in early 2018. 

It was followed by the State of the Union incident when Melania, reportedly, refused to get in the car with Trump and the two ended up arriving at the Capitol building separately. Both incidents happened at the time when accusations of infidelities involving Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal erupted. 

FLOTUS noticeably disappeared from public engagements during the time that it was reported Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, arranged the transfer of $130,000 into Daniel's account. It can be recalled that Daniels also revealed that she had an affair with the then real estate mogul a year after he married Melania and a few months after the former model gave birth to Barron Trump. 

Meanwhile, Jordan also wrote that the Trump couple also rarely spend time together even if they live in the same house. She said Melania and Donald are often in the same building but they are nowhere near each other. 

The Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist added FLOTUS spends most of her time at her part of their private residence at the White House, while the president is in his office. Melania apparently doesn't mind being far away from her husband.

Though they spend less time together, President Trump clearly values his wife's opinion. She wasn't just a trophy wife but actually a very influential person in the president's inner circle. 

It also revealed in Jordan's new book that Melania had an influence on choosing Mike Pence as her husband's running mate in the 2016 elections. Trump's top choices at the time were Pence, then-New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. 

Melania chose Pence because she believed he would be a loyal ally and adviser to Trump. The now-First Lady also thought at the time that Pence wouldn't act as an alpha to her husband.