Meghan Markle is a former actress before becoming a royal. She starred in several film and movie projects back then. But, among all her projects, her last one with USA Network, Suits was the one that led her to her big break.

For seven years, she played the role of Rachel Zane, who is a paralegal working at Pearson Hardman. The character is first friends with one of the leading roles, Mike. They, later on, developed romantic feelings and tied the knot in Season 7.

Her on-screen partner, Patrick J Adams, previously, disclosed something shocking about the now-Duchess of Sussex, according to the Daily Express. As reported, the actor would always pick Meghan Markle as the only cast member to help him "escape prison."

Although he also mentioned one of the co-stars, Rick Hoffman, who played the role of Lois Litt, Adams, reportedly, doubted that his co-star "would succeed." He "would try," though, the actor said.

He, then, reportedly, explained that the Duchess of Sussex would likely be the only one "smart enough" to pull it all off. Aside from being capable of "criminal plots" and getting away with it, Adams, allegedly, shared that Meghan would be the "perfect cellmate" inside the prison. She would always keep it "real clean," he added.

One of their Suits co-cast members, Sarah Rafferty, also, reportedly, shared the same thoughts as Patrick J Adams. As revealed, she deemed Meghan Markle "so freaking smart" that she would figure something out. She would certainly have an "amazing thing" that will work, "other than slipping a shiv in a cake," Rafferty added.

The Duchess of Sussex left the American legal drama series in 2018. Reports said that this happened following her engagement to the royal-born Prince, Prince Harry,

When Meghan left, her on-screen husband also came with her. But, despite their exits, the show continued to air for two more seasons.

During the Duchess' wedding in 2018, her close friends from the show got an invite and attended the royal event. Patrick J Adams reportedly came with her wife, Troian Bellisario, who guest-starred, as well, in the series.

Recently, the Pretty Little Liars revealed her experiences during Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding, according to Entertainment Tonight. As stated, she recalled her "extreme anxiety" at the royal gathering because of her pregnancy.

Adams and Bellisario were five months pregnant, at that time. However, nobody knows yet about their pregnancy. So, this, reportedly, gave her the anxiety that the public will know about it during the event.