Rihanna assured her fans that she hasn't forgotten about her much-awaited album, R9. In fact, the singer said she might release it sooner than her fans expected. 

It's been four years since Rihanna released her eighth studio album, Anti, and it was a long wait for her Navy. It has, also, been years since it was first teased that RiRi would release R9 and she admitted that it's already bugging her. 

Back in April, Rihanna appealed to her fans to stop asking about R9. The "Diamonds" singer made the call as she and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey donated $4.2 million to address a surge in domestic violence in Los Angeles while the city was in COVID-19 lockdown. 

In her recent Access Hollywood interview ahead of her virtual Fenty Skin launch party on Wednesday, Rihanna was once again asked R9The 32-year-old fashion and beauty mogul admitted that right now, she doesn't have the luxury of putting out an album in three months like before because she has other things on her plate. Rihanna explained that she needs to be on top of all her projects and sometimes her music was put on the backseat because some of her projects have production timelines to consider.

However, the singer-actress made it clear that despite her other ventures, music remains her baby. Rihanna stressed music is still her first love and she will always get back to it.  

She added that she will never neglect it and might release the album sooner than the Navy expected. RiRi, however, also admitted to getting stress from getting too many questions about when she will release her next album. 

The Barbados native told Entertainment Tonight in another interview that as soon as she feels like it's the right time to release her ninth album, she will do it. The "Umbrella" singer, also, assured that her fans would never get disappointed when it happens as she will make sure that it would worth the wait. 

Meanwhile, songwriter Camille Purcell, who penned tracks for Dua Lipa, Little Mix, and Stormzy, said Rihanna's upcoming album is expected to be amazing. Purcell said a lot of musicians have been trying to get their songs on RiRi's R9 and she is one of them.

Purcell revealed she has submitted several songs for the singer's upcoming studio album. She told Daily Star (via Metro) that she heard from her industry insiders that R9 is going to be great and Purcell hopes that one of her songs makes it to the LP.