Blake Lively's plan to get back to work has been rumored causing tension in her marriage to Ryan Reynolds. A tabloid implied that the actress was hurt when her husband did not give her the lead role in the movie that Reynolds is scheduled to produce. 

New Idea published a story this week claiming Blake Lively has decided to reactivate her career. The Gossip Girl actress was allegedly tired of putting her career in the back seat to take care of her family, while Reynolds' career is doing great. 

A source told the tabloid Lively decided to do her own thing after Reynolds didn't give her the female lead in his upcoming rom-com, Shotgun Wedding. Apparently, the Deadpool actor's reason for not working with his wife was that he is afraid that their reunion movie might receive negative reviews again from critics. 

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively first worked together in the 2011 film Green Lantern. As everybody knows, the superhero movie was one of the DC movies that had negative reception both at the box office and from critics. 

New Idea seemed to assume that Reynolds either blamed Lively for that or he believed his wife is somewhat a jinx. The tabloid claimed Ryan was not keen on having another bad mark on his portfolio. But either of the two is true. 

Gossip Cop pointed out that Blake Lively has several hit movies under her name. Her films The Shallow in 2016 and A Simple Favor in 2018 both received positive reviews. Both also had a successful run in the box office. Moreover, Lively was praised for her role in the crime thriller film, The Town. 

In addition, Blake doesn't also need to worry that she has been forgotten in the industry. The Rhythm Section actress is set to do the Netflix post-apocalyptic thriller movie, Dark Days at the Magna Carta. 

According to CinemaBlend, the streaming service is developing the movie with the possibility of a trilogy. This means the mother-of-three star will be having a steady flow of work in the coming years. 

The New Idea story of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively having issues in their marriage wasn't the first time in recent years. Last year, OK! claimed the couple was heading to a divorce. In 2017, NW claimed Reynolds and Lively would be splitting because of the actor's long absences while making movies. 

All of these were proven to be false as the couple is still together until now. In fact, they even welcomed the latest addition to their family, a baby girl, who according to the couple's close friend Taylor Swift, is named Betty.