Chris Pine might currently be known as Steve Trevor from the Wonder Woman films but he had a different and even bigger role before that. After all, the Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit star took over the role of Captain James T. Kirk in the Star Trek reboot films by J.J. Abrams.

But, what are the chances that Pine will continue playing the captain of the USS Enterprise in the future? The Wonder Woman 1984 actor has admitted that he still wants to work on Star Trek 4 with Chris Hemsworth.

It's no secret that Paramount Pictures had big plans for Star Trek 4. The fourth installment of the J.J. Abrams reboot was set to be a huge time-travel feature that would see James T. Kirk meeting his father George Kirk, who was killed off early on in the 2009 flick.

Unfortunately, the project fell out as the studio failed to make a deal with Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth, leading to Paramount to work on other options for the future. But with the studio now reconsidering the decision with the franchise's future, Pine is hoping that they will ask him to reprise his role in yet another movie.

Chris Pine was a guest on the Things Are Going Great For Me podcast where he was asked if he would want to do another Star Trek movie. Interestingly, the Wonder Woman 1984 star pointed out that Paramount Pictures still has other projects to work on.

"So, I've heard -- what have I heard? [Quentin] Tarantino is going to do one. And then, who is it? Noah Hawley was going to do something else, and then that fell through. And then he's going to do something with the Discovery, the new Alex Kurtzman-led cast. So, I really don't know," Pine said. However, he added that he remains hopeful for Captain Kirk's return in Star Trek 4.

"I know that Paramount is coming out of having restructured a bit and kind of a major corporate restructuring. So hopefully, when all that dust settles, something concrete will come out of it, and we'll get to work. I'd love to do it," Pine said.

For now, it is unclear whether Paramount Pictures will reconsider Star Trek 4 or pursue the Quentin Tarantino project since Noah Hawley's film has been put on hold. In the meantime, fans can expect Chris Pine to return as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman 1984, which has been moved to a later release date on December 25.