Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik could have already welcomed their baby. This is the assumption of many fans after the supermodel's father, Mohamed Hadid, posted a letter for his grandchild. 

On Wednesday, Gigi's dad shared on Instagram a handwritten letter for his grandchild, titled "Grandpa's Heart." In the letter, 71-year-old real estate developer said he is so happy having the little bunch of joy and added, "I'll do anything, anything for you, my dear." 

Gigi's dad did not reveal the gender of the baby and his post has already been deleted. However, it did not stop fans from speculating that Gigi could have already given birth. The 25-year-old model is due to give birth this month. 

Many believed that Gigi and Zayn could have chosen to keep the good news under wraps in the meantime. It could also be recalled that Hadid did not immediately confirm her pregnancy as well. 

She was first rumored to be expecting after she shared some photos from her birthday celebration in April. Later that month, she opened up about the pregnancy during her remote appearance in The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. 

Meanwhile, some fans also pointed out that Mr. Hadid's sweet letter to his grandchild was not the only indication that Gigi and the former One Direction member have possibly welcomed their first child already. Many have been speculating that the couple is now proud parents after Gigi's sister Bella, posted a photo of her and her sister on Instagram. 

It appeared that it was a throwback photo of the Hadid sisters as Bella wrote the date "June 11, 2020." The two were seen pulling up their shirts to reveal their bellies. Gigi showed off her baby bump while Bella has a flat tummy.

Bella ended her message with a baby angel emoji and said she couldn't stop crying. Gigi commented on her sister's post with a bunch of smiling emojis.

This made fans more suspicious since Gigi rarely shares pregnancy photos. She previously told her fans that she doesn't want to grab attention especially this time when the world is in chaos because of the coronavirus pandemic and street protests. Hadid, however, assured her fans that she had been documenting her pregnancy and will share videos and photos with them in the future. 

Last month, Gigi finally had her first-ever maternity shoot. She shared several snaps of her baby bump to her fans and took to Twitter to talk about this new experience. She admitted that a maternity shoot was more tiring than her usual modeling gig.