Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner's marriage has now become the subject of many speculations. Following their camp's defeat in this year's presidential race, many experts have tried to analyze their actions, particularly Donald Trump's eldest daughter, who is serving as one of his top advisors inside the White House.

Several experts looked into the First Daughter's ties to her husband of 11 years. Most of them concluded that she shows more affection toward her father than her husband.

The Daily Express recently released a report about the matter. A body language expert said that Ivanka and Jared are usually unaffectionate with one another, adding that they do not find comfort with each other. The conclusions come after analyzing the photos of the couple from their G20 summit participation in 2018.

Patti Wood explained that Ivanka Trump showed "tension throughout her body." She added that she would always bring a "tight smile" when she is with her husband.

Similarly, Jared Kushner would, reportedly, give back a "sealed envelope-like" smile to his wife. He, also, "slightly leans away" from the mother of his three kids, suggesting that he wanted the public to see him as "his own person."

Another expert echoed the analysis, arguing that Ivanka Trump has biases toward her father. Dr. Renee Carr asserted that she knows how to get what she wants from Donald Trump, and he would be "pleased to knowingly oblige" his daughter.

Reports continued that the First Daughter always shows "little warmth" to Jared Kushner and demonstrates "bias" toward their family's patriarch. Meanwhile, allegedly, Trump admitted before the public that he favors his eldest daughter more than his other children.

A childhood best friend of Ivanka Trump had the same notions toward Trump's daughter. Writing for Vanity Fair, Lysandra Ohrstrom opened up about her experiences growing up with the First Daughter.

While releasing shocking details about her friend's character, the freelance journalist shared that Ivanka had her father's "radar" for things, like money, power, and "status." She shared that Trump's favorite child, also, had "her dad's instinct" to throw anyone under the bus in an effort to save herself.

Ohrstrom recalled some memories she had wherein Ivanka manifested these traits. She claimed that Trump's daughter once blamed a fart on a classmate.

Ivanka, also, reportedly, "goaded" their group of friends to "flash" their chests on their classroom's window. While everyone who participated got a suspension, the First Daughter pleaded her "innocence," and ended up free from punishments.