Decades have passed since Dragon Ball Z ended its course on manga comics and small screens. But, despite this, it remains to be one of the most popular materials in recent years.

Reports said that there are tons of factors to its success. Apart from the plots and storylines, the characters, both protagonists and antagonists, play a huge role, as well. CBR even released an article about the series' main villain, explaining how he outdid everyone else in the anime.

The publication named Frieza as the best villain in the series. In fact, it, also, insisted that the character is likely the best among all antagonists in the world of shonen.

The course of Dragon Ball Z portrayed Frieza as a cruel villain, who takes every opportunity to take advantage of innocent individuals. This became apparent when he reached Planet Namek in search of the dragon balls.

Amid his journey, he tortured the population and eventually, destroyed the planet. This, then, caused the extinction of the Namekians for a time.

Apart from the Planet Namek, Frieza was, also, successful in annihilating Earth. He took advantage of a "window of opportunity" and triggered the destruction of the planet.

The publication noted, though, that the deed was avoided because Whis stepped in the course of Dragon Ball Super. He turned back time and forced "divine intervention to take place."

Frieza's cruelty was, also, apparent when he eliminated his own army. He did not even show empathy as he became proud of turning each of them into "cannon fodder."

This event did not take place in the course of Dragon Ball Z. Fans and viewers witnessed this, though, in Resurrection F's storyline.

Killing his own people makes total sense why he found killing his rivals much easier. Unfortunately, Krillin and Vegeta were some of these people who got bested by Frieza. Alongside ending the lives of these characters, the cruel villain, also, destroyed Planet Vegeta, leading to the extinction of Saiyans.

Screen Rant emphasized, though, that there is a backstory to Frieza's move against the planet. In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69, Beerus unveiled that he was the one who ordered Frieza to destroy Vegeta's planet, making him the responsible one behind the "genocide of the Saiyans."

Although Dragon Ball Z already settled the protagonists' problems about Frieza, a separate report from CBR tried to analyze which other characters from different anime materials may possibly defeat the villain in an instant.

The list included Hunter x Hunter's Meruem, Death Note's Light Yagami, and My Hero Academia's Tomura Shigaraki. As for those who could not ever beat Frieza, they are Naruto's Orochimaru, Yu Yu Hakusho's Toguro, and One Piece's Blackbeard.