One Piece continues its course in both manga and anime series. The latest arc, "Wano Country" keeps fans and supporters on the hook, making them more immersed in the material.

But, as this dynamic goes, several individuals are, reportedly, worrying over the end of the entire story. The latest developments have had fans thinking that it may end "sooner than expected," according to Comic Book.

While the conclusion date has remained unknown, former editor of the series Kohei Onishi talked about the matter in a press release earlier this month. He said that the material has 20 to 30 volumes left, and it should continue to run for four to five years more.

Onishi's statements seemingly echoed Eiichiro Oda's previous assertions about the end of One Piece. The current editor of the material publicized last year that he intends to conclude the entire course in four to five years.

He explained that giving the schedule to fandom would allow them to begin their preparations for the finale of the franchise. He wanted them, especially the longtime fans, to "brace themselves for the loss" that is about to arrive soon.

While he may have shared these things in 2020, he has yet to break his silence again following Kohei Onishi's assertions. Accordingly, some are still skeptical whether Luffy's adventures will, indeed, end in the next four to five years.

Over the years, though, Eiichiro Oda has been vocal about his thoughts on One Piece, specifically his plans for the finale. In one of his latest announcements, he said that the story is now about 80 percent, hinting that the end is already near.

As for how he wants it to end, Oda "had long ago decided" how the story will conclude, according to Comic Book Series. He may have previously said that he would change it if fans get the correct theories but, it appears that he is sticking to his original ideas.

Meanwhile, One Piece anime series director Tatsuya Nagamine recently shared his thoughts about the latest developments in the show. A separate report from Comic Book said that he hinted at how the "best is yet to come" for the anime title in the next installments.

Nagamine assured the fandom in an interview earlier this month. As translated by netizens, he, reportedly, asserted that the anime will "keep increasing in quality."

Fans and supporters have since become a lot more excited to witness the new episodes of the series. But, this has, also, made several individuals anxious that the end may come much sooner than expected.